Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions

The reliability of Aire Internet service rivals that of traditional wired services. Storms, fallen tree branches, and line cuts that typically damage and disrupt cable networks do not impact our wireless networks.
Aire Internet is delivered to your house wirelessly, whereas cable and DSL Internet require cables or phone lines connected to the house. Aire Internet connections are typically faster than cable and DSL. Aire Internet does not limit data usage or throttle application speeds.
Typical Aire Internet connections will allow for high definition video streaming on multiple devices simultaneously.
Your Aire Internet service includes a small outdoor roof-mounted receiver at no additional cost. For an additional monthly charge, Aire Internet can provide you a WiFi router for connecting your household devices wirelessly. You may also use your own WiFi router with Aire Internet service for a one-time setup fee.
The outdoor receiver looks like a small white dinner plate that is 3" deep. It is mounted with a small 10" J arm using four screws. These screws attach to your roof, eave or siding, and are weatherproofed with a silicone patch between the mount and the mounting surface.
Shortly after you sign up for service, Aire Internet will contact you to schedule a date and time for your install. Most Aire Internet installations take less than two hours.
Installations usually take place within 5 days of signing up. Installation may take up to ten days during high-demand periods, but there are typically plenty of daily slots on the installation calendar to choose from.
Aire Internet requires a valid credit or debit card to open a new account. Your card is charged monthly through our automated billing system. All invoices are emailed prior to your card being charged.
You may cancel anytime without penalty 90 days after the installation date. If you wish to cancel before 90 days, there is a $99 cancellation fee.